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NCT operates out of Newcastle’s leading cosmetic clinic, Coco Skin Laser Health. We offer Feather Touch Eyebrows that utilise ultra-fine hair strokes & blend seamlessly by mimicking natural brow strokes along the brow bone. The ‘feather touch’ technique uses a digital machine to apply a delicate stroke at precise depths for longer lasting semi-permanent brows. NCT’s artist’s Ellie & Emma are experienced tattoo artists & work with your natural brow – be it too short, thin, patchy or sparse – revitalising or improving your natural shape. Ellie & Emma have completed advanced training and custom mix all pigments to create the perfect colour match. 

What does a feather touch brow consultation entail?

During your consultation, our artists will take your medical history to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for cosmetic tattooing. Our artists analyse & discuss your face shape, proportions and colourings and then “pre-draw” your desired new brow shape on using pencil. This ensures that the correct colours and styles are chosen for you and the finished result is exactly what you imagined it to be.

How long does a full brow treatment take?

90mins is allocated for your full brow feather touch treatment.

Does the treatment hurt?

Client comfort is of the utmost importance to us. A topical anaesthetic cream is applied 30mins prior to your treatment to safely numb the treatment area allowing for the most comfortable experience possible.

How long does the semi-permanent tattoo last?

Results commonly last between 10 and 24 months. Results can vary between individuals.

Can I get feather touch brows if I don't have any hair on my brow?

Of course 🙂 If your brows are completely gone this technique can re-create an entirely new brow for you. We have many before and after images that are available to view in your consultation.

Feather Touch Vs. Microblading?

Feather touch minimises almost all risks of scarring due to the way the technique transfers the pigment to the skin. The fast mechanical action of the digital machine uses an ultra-fine needle to deliver the pigment to a controlled depth that ensures pigments will hold. As the machine tip moves over the skin to form the delicate hair stroke, the very fine needle works very quickly to develop a continuous stroke and create a much safer brow stroke.

Microblading carries a risk of scarring due to the size of the injury being inflicted on the skin, this is why NCT has chosen not to offer this technique. Microblading uses a scalpel blade to cut along the skin to form the brow stroke and effectively enclose the ink under the skin through the healing process. Depending on the pressure being applied to the blade, the ink may be applied either superficially allowing the ink to fade early or too deep creating excessive injury. 



Feather Touch Brow Transformation:
1x Complete Brow Treatment (90mins)
1x Touch Up Appointment 4 to 6 weeks Post (30mins)
$650 (Only $600 with our current special offer, see below!)

For all Retouch appointments, a consultation is required to determine cost.

NCT Artists: Emma & Ellie

Redeem This Offer & Save On Your Treatment

Simply mention our


offer when booking your full brow treatment and we will deduct your $50 consultation fee from the cost of the treatment.

Feather Touch Before & Afters

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